Thursday, December 15, 2011

Waiting on access.

Well, SWTOR has finally been released, and since I signed up for the game on the 13th December, I'm hoping to be able to join in on the fun this friday.

I'm most likely going to find myself on The Ravager (EU) server since my cousin will be playing there. I'm a bit doubtful though since I think it's a PVP server, and I stay away from PVP like the plague.

I'm thinking of starting two characters and sticking to them - a jedi guardian and a sith assassin. I'm a force user all the way, so I have a hard time seeing myself without a lightsaber in my hands. That's one of the main reasons to even play SWTOR, right?

I've played a Jedi Consular in the beta to level 10, and a Jedi Guardian to level 7 - so I have some idea of what to do in the first couple of levels. But I'll try to update on my progress as I level, since I'm not focused on end-game right now. I'll be posting my talent choices, what my rotation looks like, and if there's something special to look out for.

That's it for now - I'm hitting the sack, hoping to be rested as I join the rest of the gamers tomorrow (or on Saturday with my luck).

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